You’ll Love this Innovative American Girl Minecraft Class

I’ll use anything to help my kids learn, so when I came across this American Girl Minecraft class, I knew I had to sign them up.

My girls are huge American Girl and Minecraft fans, so it’s the perfect combination. Plus, it’s one of the many fun American history activities I can add to our homeschool.

The classes are self-paced and tweens will spend one month learning about each American Girl, moving ahead in chronological order.

If you’ve never heard of Skrafty, they are a family friendly Minecraft server. One thing that sets them apart from other servers is the fact that they also offer homeschool classes that students complete within Minecraft.

You'll Love this Innovative American Girl meets Minecraft Class @Education Possible

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American Girl Minecraft Class

There are four components to the American Girl meets Minecraft classes:

1. Reading Assignment

Students are expected to do the assigned reading. So far, it’s been one chapter a week from the first book in the series, the “Meet” book.

2. Learning

Each week, they teach the kids about a topic related to their reading assignment. For example, the girls watched videos about salmon fishing in order to help them understand Kaya better. They also learned about an old Indian legend of the salmon.

Other week’s topics included teepees and the Nez Perce/Nimiipuu Indians.

You'll Love this Innovative American Girl meets Minecraft Class @Education Possible

3. Building

In Minecraft, on the class server, the students complete weekly building projects. The first thing they built was Kaya’s village.

There’s also an optional building task they can work on if they are interested. After reading about a travois, they had a chance to add one to their village.

4. Further Reading

For the students who want to go a bit further, there are a bunch of options to choose from. During one of the weeks, they had the opportunity to complete a craft project, read additional books, and work on a mapping activity.

You'll Love this Innovative American Girl meets Minecraft Class

What do my Kids Love about American Girl Minecraft Classes?

  • It combines two of their passions – American Girl and Minecraft.
  • It’s a fun and interactive way to learn about history.
  • They’re gaining new Minecraft skills. Recently, Abigail had to figure out how to make fire using an armor stand.
  • The class isn’t overwhelming. Each week they’re only assigned one chapter from the book and a couple of projects to complete, making it easy to stay on top of everything.
  • There are predetermined meet-up times, so any kids taking the class can be on the server at the same time to interact with one another.

This is a wonderful addition to our history curriculum.

However, if history with American Girl isn’t your child’s thing, check out some other Minecraft classes they offer. Abigail has been taking an amazing Minecraft History Museum class. They’re a great way to focus your child’s Minecraft time.

When you sign up, you can choose which of the American Girl meets Minecraft classes/time periods/dolls you want to study.

Minecraft Ideas

You'll Love this Innovative American Girl meets Minecraft Class @Education Possible

What school subject would your child love to combine with Minecraft?

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