Civil War Hands-on Activities for Kids

There are many ways to help children relate to the historical events they are studying — we often use books, music, art, and of course hands-on activities.  Over the years we have found many projects and activities to help our kids to learn more about the American Civil War. Lasting from 1861-1865, the American Civil […]

Explore Medieval Times with 10 Hands-on History Activities

The Medieval Period in European history is well know by children of all ages for castles, battles, arts, and architecture. The time between the fall of Rome and the beginning of the Renaissance offers families many opportunities to learn through literature, movies, and of course our favorite learning method — hands-on history activities. This post […]

Creative Colonial Hands-On History Projects

When we study this time period, I include as many colonial games and hands-on activities as possible as a way to bring Colonial America to life for my older kids. Brave and adventurous men and women came to America in the 1600-1700s to explore new lands and new opportunities.  Their search for personal and religious freedoms lead […]

Rosetta Stone Homeschool Language Learning for Middle & High School

I learned a long time ago that as a homeschool parent I don’t personally have to teach my children every subject.  Sometimes, it’s a better option to do some research and find a resource that will be a great fit for our family.  This has never been more true than when my son had a […]

5 Beach Crafts & Activities for Middle Schoolers

Summer is almost here! If summer makes you dream of relaxing days filled with sun and sand…you are not alone! With these 5 beach crafts & activities your middle school students can bring the warm summer season home to enjoy any time of the year: Chalk Art If your kids are looking for a fun and […]

10 Volcano Activities for Middle School

Have your kids ever made a volcano? It seems every year we find a reason to break out the vinegar, baking soda, and red food coloring for more volcano activities. This post contains affiliate links. We have used volcano activities to add extra fun to our earth science lessons, and to our ancient history studies of […]

Teaching Teens Life Skills – No Curriculum Required

The teen years are filled with endless opportunities for growth and learning.  Although teens are busy hitting the books to explore language arts, history, math, and science subjects in detail, it is important to remember another area of study they need help to understand — life skills. Life skills are the day-to-day behaviors and activities […]

How to Build Strong ACT Test Taking Strategies in 4 Weeks – GIVEAWAY

If your high school student has a a goal to attend college then you know good grades, a strong transcript, and extracurricular activities are just part of the equation.  The other important piece of the puzzle most college require is a great score on the SAT or ACT college entrance exams. The SAT and ACT exams […]

The Ultimate Guide to Middle School Literature

During the middle school years students will begin to ask more questions and think critically about the information they are learning. This is the perfect time to introduce children to classic literature and a variety of literary genres. It is also a great time to encourage students to have conversations about the books and stories […]

Why Teens Should Study Geography

It often surprises me that high school students are not required to take a geography course. With the technology that exists today we can quickly and easily travel to other cities, purchase items from another country, and witness events happening around the globe. We live on a plant where people are better connected than in any […]

Best Guides for AP Exam Prep – GIVEAWAY

Spring is in the air and that means many high school students are preparing to take Advanced Placement (AP) Exams. AP courses and AP exams offer teens an opportunity to dig into a subject a little deeper, build study skills for college, and possibly earn college credits while still in high school. The AP exam process can be challenging, but […]

Best Online Homeschool Courses for Middle & High School

As homeschoolers move into the middle school and high school years many parents begin to search for online course options for their students. There are many reasons for selecting online homeschool courses – to help students pursue an academic interest or passion, to introduce students to different teachers and teaching styles, to best fit a student’s […]

Dear Mom (of a soon-to-be homeschool high school student),

Dear Mom, Where did the time go? We see our children growing and learning every day, but it is still hard to believe the teen years are approaching and it is about time to start thinking about high school. Every stage of the homeschool journey has it’s joys and challenges.  I bet you just started to […]

20 Volunteer Ideas for Teens & Families

As our children are moving into the high school years we are encouraging them to seek opportunities to get involved in the community through volunteering. Volunteering provides many benefits for teens. By participating in community service activities teens can meet new people, learn the value of serving others, build life skills, explore potential career options, […]

Homeschoolers Can Earn College Credits This Summer with CLEP Test Prep – GIVEAWAY

I can’t believe how quickly the homeschool journey has brought us to high school years. My son has decided he would like to attend college therefore we have found ourselves entering a whole new world called “College Prep”! We are busy learning about admissions policies, testing requirements, dual enrollment procedures and more. One area we […]

3D Pen: A Cool and Affordable Educational Tool for Teens

Looking for a creative way to keep learning experiences fun and “hands-on” as your kids move into their teen years? We have found a cool and affordable tool to help make teens’ math, art, science, and history lessons come to life.  It is a 3D pen from AtmosFlare. I received this product for free and was […]

3 Benefits of a Homeschool Friendly SAT Math Prep Course

Just when I felt like we were getting a handle on how to homeschool high school, the next big hurdle began creeping up on us — college entrance exams! Math has always been a challenge in our homeschool so we knew we would need some extra help preparing for the math portion of the exams. […]

25+ Fun Science Activities for Middle School Myth Busters

Looking for fun and simple science activities for your middle school students? Want to make sure your tweens/teens understand key science concepts before they enter high school? Have kids who like to bust basic science myths and misconceptions? Middle school is the perfect time to help kids understand key science concepts. Even if your child […]