Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Teens to Make

Looking for Valentine’s Day crafts for teens? These DIY projects are perfect for the holiday.

This list includes a bunch of easy Valentine’s Day crafts tweens and teens can make for friends, family, or even themselves, plus cute decor pieces they can use for their room. Just encourage them to choose a heart-themed project that they’re excited about, while keeping in mind what they plan to do with it.

This time of year, a homemade gift is often more meaningful than a store-bought one, so jump right in and start crafting.

Collage of 7 DIY Valentine's Day crafts for teens.

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There’s no reason for young teens to spend money on Valentine’s Day gifts or decorations when they can easily make cool stuff themselves. In fact, many kids prefer this because it gives them a chance to be creative while making something one-of-a-kind.

I know not everyone embraces the mushiness of the holiday, especially tweens and young teens. Some are happy to give or receive a simple gift of candy. Others love finding a unique gift to show people how loved they are.

To be honest, this isn’t a holiday we regularly celebrate in our family. We all love each other a ton, but we’ve sort of given up on the whole Valentine thing.

That being said, there’s something about all the cute decorations that makes me smile.

So this year, we’ve been making some Valentine’s Day crafts for festive home decor.


As Valentine’s Day approaches, many teenagers search for easy holiday crafts to work on. Some think they’re the best part of the season.

From simple construction paper cards to handmade decorations, these projects can be a fun way for teens to get in the spirit. Of course, teens can also choose to make more complicated crafts if they wish. However, there is certainly a benefit to keeping the crafts simple.

By focusing on easy projects, teens don’t have to worry about intense planning or difficult instructions; instead, they can spend their time being creative and having fun. Plus, easy projects have the potential to turn into creative masterpieces: after all, who says you can’t make something beautiful with just a few basic components?

While making a complicated craft project may seem appealing at first glance, it’s important to remember that sometimes less is more. A simple project won’t sacrifice the joy of creativity; rather, it can be one of the best parts of crafting!

Here are a few craft ideas your tweens and teens will enjoy.


I’ve tried to choose a wide variety of skill level projects to share with you, so whether you’re a family full of crafting rock stars or can barely operate a glue gun, there are creative ideas here for you.

From paper crafts, to homemade heart soaps, hand-sewing projects, and wreaths, here’s a great example of over 20 cool crafts for Valentine’s Day. While they’re perfect for tweens and teens, they’re also fun for the whole family.

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Teens

Have fun with your older kids making some of these cute crafts for Valentine's Day.

Imagine how special it will be to give a loved one a gift that you handmade specifically for them or decorate your living room with your finished product.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids of all ages.

Valentine Craft Kits

If you want to make something special for the holiday, but need more direction, here are some fun craft kits you can use.

  • Has your teen gotten into the diamond painting craze? This beautiful rainbow heart canvas would definitely make your holiday sparkle.
  • Make a heart-shaped stepping stone to add to your garden.
  • Have a teen who is interested in woodworking? This Celtic knot love spoon carving kit would make a unique gift this Valentine’s Day.
  • While not a craft, this string art sign would make an awesome gift for a family member. I love its saying – “family tied together with heartstrings.”

CAMOYAI 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kits for Adults, Full Drill Round Crystal Rhinestone Valentine's Day Diamond Painting Craft Canvas Perfect for Home Wall Deco (Heart Diamond Painting 12x12inch)Creative Roots Paint Your Own Heart Stepping Stone by Horizon Group USABeaverCraft, Spoon Carving Kit for Beginners DIY04 - Wood Carving Whittling Hobby Kit for Adults and Teens - Wood Carving Knives - Wood Carving Hook Knife - Woodworking Tools - Spoon Carving ToolsPrimitives by Kathy 33188 String Art Sign, Family


More Teen Crafts

Ready to keep crafting? Here are more fun projects.

  • Make some pretty hearts with Plaster of Paris.
  • If your tweens and teens like making gifts for their friends, here are some other ideas I think they’ll love.
Collage of 3 Valentine's Day crafts for teens to make.

Another way to spend time together on this holiday is to play a fun game of Scattergories. Here is a FREE Valentine-themed printable you can use to play with your tweens and teens.

And if you want to work on a project with your kids, but Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, check out these winter crafts.


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