Ultimate Guide to Geography Lessons and Activities for Homeschoolers

Are you looking for fun and interesting ways to help your children learn more about the world around them?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to plan an extended journey around the globe to learn about the earth.  It is as simple as adding geography lessons to your homeschool plans!

Yes, the study of geography covers a wide range of topics — Geography is the study of the earth, its structure, and its inhabitants.  With the help our friends we have collected more than 200 geography lessons and activities for homeschoolers to make your planning easier.

Ultimate Guide to Geography Lessons and Activities for Homeschoolers - Education Possible

For years we have been adding fun geography lessons and activities in our homeschooling efforts.  We believe kids learn best when they have an opportunity to use all of they senses as they explore the world they live in.

Our Ultimate Guide to Geography Lessons and Activities  covers a wide variety of topics, addresses many different learning styles, and includes something for kids of all ages.

Here you will find unit studies, note booking pages, and printables (many of them are FREE to download) as wells as crafts, recipes, DIY projects, and more.

We understand this is a long list – we hope you will bookmark it and refer back to it whenever you need some inspiration!  Whether you are looking for an activity for a specific geography topic or if you would like to add a geography related activity to a subject you are teaching (such as history or literature) we encourage you to look through this list for hidden gems to make your homeschooling lessons fun and interesting for everyone.  Enjoy!

3 Awesome Geography Activities for Your Homeschool

3 Reasons Why Hands-on Geography is Important in Middle and High School

5 Handy Geography Websites for Middle School Students

6 Family History Activities for Middle School Kids

8 Must-Try Online Geography Games for Middle School

10 Volcano Activities for Middle School

20 Free Country Reports by Region

30 Ideas in Exploring The World, The Continents, and The Countries

60 Geography Fair Display Ideas

5 Handy Geography Websites for Middle School Students - Education Possible

A is for Atoll & Archipelago

Adventures in Sailing, Exploration, & Navigation

Anatomy of a Well Laid Out High School Geography Curriculum

Ancient Egypt Unit Study: Map of Egypt

Appalachian Mountain (unit studies, printables, resources)

Around the USA Study

Around the World Unit Study Series

Australian Book Traveller – Literature Unit Study – Free Download

Australia Lapbook

B is for Beach & Bay

Brazil Country Lapbook

Our Journey Westward

Our Journey Westward

C is for Continent Felt Board~ Geography Projects A-Z

Canada Country Lapbook

Canada Unit for Kids

Celebrating Holidays Around the World

Celebrating Lewis & Clark with To-Scale Mapping

Charlotte Mason Geography – Elementary Geography

Child’s Life in the Andes

China Activities for Kids

China Country Lapbook

Christmas Around the World Unit/Lapbook

Colombia Country Lapbook

Combining Credits: Literature, Geography, History, Writing

Compass Rose Activity

Continent Notebooking Pages ebook

Cooking Around the World

Costa Rica Country Lapbook

Create a Geography Table in Your Homeschool

Create an Imaginary Island

Creating Country Reports

Atlas Scavenger Hunt - Education Possible

D is for Delta

Day of Ahmed’s Secret (literature based Egypt study/lapbook)

Desert Unit Studies and Lapbooks

Destination USA game review

Discover Downunder Set – Australian Geography Curriculum

Discovering Geography Through a Field Trip to Inca Ruins

DIY Atlas

DIY Chalkboard Globe

DIY Dry Erase Map

DIY Gigantic Wall Map for State Study

DIY Traveling Journal Homeschool Project

DIY United States Magnets

Edible Maps

E is for Edible Earth’s Core

Earth Science activities for kids

Easy Geography Resource & Notebooking Pages

Easy Ways to Learn Geography

Edible Geography Sea Levels

Edible Ocean Layers

Effigies, Customs and Celebrations of Ecuador

Egypt Cookies

England Lapbook

Ecuador Country Lapbook

F is for Forest Diorama (Geography Projects from A to Z)

Famous Landmarks I Spy With Google Earth

Faraway Home (literature based Ethiopia study/lapbook)

Finding Our Geography Groove

Flat Traveling

France Country Lapbook

France Unit Study

Free Homeschool Geography Curriculum

Free Resources for Teaching US Geography to Elementary Students

Free Resources for Teaching World Geography

Fun Ways to Use Maps with your Kids

France lapbook


Games that Teach Map Skills

Geocaching With Kids

Geography Activities: Atlas Scavenger Hunt [FREE Printable]

Geography Activities: DIY Travel Journal for Kids [FREE Printable]

Geography Activities: Geography Terms BINGO [FREE Printable]

Geography Activities: How to Make a Compass & Determine “North” [FREE Printable]

Geography Activities: Make a Homemade Weather Station [FREE Printable]

Geography Activities: Make a Tornado in a Bottle

Geography Activities: Make a Sugar Karst Cave (Sinkhole)

Geography Club: Argentina Unit

Geography Club: Italy Unit

Geography Club: Japan Unit

Geography Club: Mexico Unit

Geography Club: Peru Unit

Geography Terms BINGO - Education Possible

Geography DVDs- Pleasant Talk of Places

Geography Fairs for Homeschool Co-ops

Geography Field Guide

Geography Field Trip: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Geography games in school

Geography IRL: Let Kids Help Plan the Vacation Agenda

Geography Lesson from Disney’s Frozen

Geography Literature

Geography Living Literature

Geography: make it stick, make it hands on

Geography Quests – A link to over 30 FREE Geography Quests

Guatemala Country Lapbook

Geography Quests

Homemade Compass: A Simple Geography Project with a Wow Factor

Homeschool Geography – DIY Lava Lamp

Homeschool Geography for All Seasons

Homeschool Geography Go To Resources

Homeschool Geography Maps -Around the World In 5 Days

Homeschoolers Love to Learn at National Parks & Historic Sites

Homeschooling with Google Earth

How to Be An Amazing Homeschool Geography Teacher

How to Draw American Landmarks with Easy Art Tutorials

How to Make an Edible Map with Crispy Rice Cereal

How to Memorize the Continents

How to Naturally Work Geography Into Learning

How to Start a Geography Co-op

How to Study Geography and Really Love it!

How to Use Google Earth in Your Homeschool

The Ultimate Guide to Geography Lessons and Activities for Homeschoolers - Education Possible

Iceland for Kids

If America Were a Village Lapbook

If the World Were a Village Unit/Lapbook

India Country Lapbook

India Lessons for Kids

Ireland Country Lapbook

Ireland for Kids

Ireland Unit Study

Italy Country Lapbook

Jan Brett World Tour

Japan Country Lapbook

Japanese Activities for Children

Keeping Geography Simple for Elementary Ages

Kenya Country Lapbook

Kicking off the Year with Northstar Geography

Korea Lessons for Kids

LEGO States

Susan Evans

Learn about Map Grids with Battleship

Learn About the 50 States

Learn About the Desert Through the Life of Wyatt Earp

Learn About the Geography of France By Creating a Solar Oven

Learning Geography with Atlases

Learning on Vacation: Map Skills for Kids

LEGO States

Literature Based Studies for Africa

Literature Based unit study/lapbook for Argentina

Literature Based Studies for Asia

Literature Based Studies for Europe

Literature Based Unit Studies for North America

Literature Based Unit Studies for South America

10 Volcano Activities for Kids

Make a Map of Greece

Make Your Own State Puzzle

Making Edible Maps

Map Drill Labels

Map Tracing Tips & Tricks

Mapping Activities in Geography

Marco Polo Unit Study – Salt Dough Map + Free Printable Map

Me on the Map Nesting Cans- Geography Project

Mexico Country Lapbook

Morocco Country Lapbook

Mythological Map Craft

Bright Ideas Press

New Zealand Flag Lapbook & Geography Pages

North Star Geography and Literature

North Star Geography Review

Notebooking with Geography

Ocean Scavenger Hunt Printable and Lapbook

Orange Globe Tutorial

Our Geography Tools and References

Panoramic Method of Geography – Charlotte Mason

Polar Regions Unit Studies and Lapbooks

Political Map Done with Cupcakes

Portugal for Kids

How to Start a Geography Co-op

Rainforest Unit Studies and Lapbooks

Rainforest Unit Study

Reading Around the USA: 50 Books for Kids from 50 States

Resources for Teaching Human Geography

Russia Country Lapbook

Salt Dough Volcanic Ring of Fire

South America Salt Dough Map

Spain Country Lapbook

Spice Up Your Geography Lessons With Regional Foods

State Study…frugal & fun homeschooling

Studying Geography with Regional Foods: Russia

Switzerland Country Lapbook

Study Geography with Regional Foods - Russia

Teaching Geography with Coins

Teaching Geography with Earth Science

Teaching Geography with Literature

Ten Atlases For Your Homeschool Shelf

Texas: Legend of the Bluebonnet

Tools for Homeschooling Middle School: Teaching Geography

Tracking Natural Disasters and World Politics

Trail of TearsFree Unit Study and Lapbook

Trail Planning Using Topographic Quadrangle Maps

Tropical Rain Forest Free Unit Study and Lapbook

USA Geography Resources for Kids

Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Geography

United States Atlas Scavenger Hunt [FREE Printable]

United States Geography Ideas

United States Geography Resources

United States Unit Studies/Resources

U.S. States and Capitals, WonderMaps, and Permanent Markers

Using Field Trips to Practice Map Skills

Vietnam Country Lapbook

WonderMaps for Relaxed Geography

World Cake

World Geography For Homeschool Picture Books

World Geography Projects

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Geography


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  4. Thanks for compiling such a comprehensive list of geography resources. We also think that music and sound can contribute to lessons on geography so we created this set of activities and resources that link sound and music to various parts of the world. It can be great for personal exploration or as part of a geography lesson or curriculum. We also linked to your great set of resources here!


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