100+ American History Lessons and Activities for Homeschoolers

100 American History Lessons and Activities - Education PossibleThere are so many interesting people and notable events to learn about when studying American History.

Exploring the history of the United States can easily be much more than just reading dry text books and memorizing a bunch of dates from the past!  Many of our fellow homeschoolers would agree that the study of history does NOT have to be boring.  Rather, it can easily be filled with hands-on activities, living books, field trips, and MORE!

Because we love to study American history with our families we have used many fun lessons and activities in our homeschooling efforts.

To help make your family’s study of American history even more interesting we have gathered more than 100+ American history lessons and activities from some of our favorite homeschool bloggers to share with you!

Our list includes unit studies, note booking pages, and printables (many of them are FREE to download!) as wells as crafts, recipes, DIY projects, and more!

Early Explorers

 Discover-the-13-Colonies-unit-guide-button 3

Colonial America

 Colonial Games for Children

American Revolution

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Westward Expansion  

Lewis and Clark Discovery Journal - Education Possible

 The Civil War

The Benefits of Making Mistakes: Lessons from Thomas Edison

Late 1800’s to Present

Homeschool History Helps: The American Presidents - Education Possible

American Presidents

how to use American Girl to study history Education Possible

Additional Resources

Time Travelers History Study Series Review


What are your family’s favorite American history lessons and activities?

Looking for 100 more ideas?  The bloggers of iHomeschool Network are sharing 100 posts, each with 100 ideas!




  1. Fabulous round-up! Thanks!

  2. We enjoy History and Geography in our home school. In fact my oldest was in an American Girl Doll play at our co-op and super surprised us with her performance. My husband and I also created a new version of the 50 States and Capitals song in which we started in the NE and moved our way west very methodically. We thought it would be easier to learn that way and be more mentally appealing for kids and grown-ups. Hop you get a chance to listen! Thanks for the resources!