6 School Themed Crafts Homeschoolers Will Want to Make

Make these school themed crafts to kick off the new school year.

For many of us, back to school means new school supplies. However, that doesn’t mean you have to purchase everything.

In fact, most of the crafts pictured were created with supplies we already had on our shelves. With a bit of time and some creativity, they now look brand-new.

If your kids are crafty, consider letting them make some of their own supplies this year. You can always find a ton of great ideas on Pinterest. Here are the 6 my kids fell in love with.

6 School Themed Crafts Homeschoolers Will Want to Make @Education Possible

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DIY School Supplies

1. Create a Pencil Case out of a Plastic Bag (& Duct Tape) 

This super cute pencil case was made from a zipper top sandwich bag and duct tape. Seriously.

It took around 15 minutes to make.

My kids decided to decorate the main part of their pouches with standard size duct tape and edge it with the smaller sized tape.

You’ll need:

Small duct tape (.75″)

Full-size duct tape

• Zip slider plastic bag

Hip2Save has complete instructions for the Duct Tape Pouches.

6 School Themed Crafts Homeschoolers Will Want to Make @Education Possible

2. Decorate your Writing Tools

There are many ways to make plain pens and pencils colorful and unique.

Abigail decided to make Washi Tape Pencils. She wanted hers to be in Maleficent colors, but since the tape she chose was missing black, she decided to add some black ribbons. First, she braided thin ribbon to her desired length, then placed it on the pencil before she added the tape.

A little while ago, Susan shared a couple of cute ideas for making your own Flower Pens.

You’ll need:

• Washi Tape

3. Make your Own Bookmarks

We are continuing with our book club this year, so the girls decided to make some new bookmarks to go along with the books.

They utilized the blueberry painting technique from our handmade note cards. You can easily use blank pre-cut bookmarks, or you can cut your own design out of card stock.

This time, instead of using a stamp, Abigail created her own design, outlined it in black marker, then painted it.

Want even more designs? Susan has come up with 4 other Bookmarks that kids can make.

4. Modify a Boring Composition Book 

If your home school is anything like ours, you probably have plenty of composition books sitting on your shelves. Crafts by Amanda has a wonderful (and simple) idea for turning your plain books into something wonderful and personal.

With colorful paper and creative design, your teen can make their own unique Composition Book Art with Scrapbook Paper.

You’ll need:

• Scrapbook paper

Spray adhesive

6 School Themed Crafts Homeschoolers Will Want to Make @Education Possible

5. Need a Crate for the Supplies you’re Creating?

I love containers. Seriously, a trip to the Container Store makes me giddy. So when I saw this DIY Supply Crate from Seven Sisters, I knew we would be making some for our home school.

It’s made from yardsticks and scrap wood!

If you have kids who love to hammer and saw, this is the school supply craft for them.

6. Turn a Book Cover into a Work of Art

The bright colors from this unique book cover immediately caught Abigail’s eye. When she saw the cool paper folding that went into creating the design, she couldn’t wait to give it a try.

I remember covering my books with paper bags all the time for school, but they were never this amazing. We have our first covered book in our home school!

Suzy’s Sitcom has the full instructions, as well as the paper folding template for this awesome Book Cover Art with Folded Paper.

You’ll need:

• Bright paper

6 School Themed Crafts Homeschoolers Will Want to Make @Education Possible

Hopefully, your kids will be inspired to grab some crafting tools and make some cool school themed crafts this year.

More Back to School Ideas

6 School Themed Crafts Homeschoolers Will Want to Make @Education Possible

What is your favorite back to (home) school craft?

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